If Jesus don’t help you, I cannot- Bishop Obinim warned as he admonish Christians to have good plans

The leader and Founder of International God’s Way Church(IGWC) Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim has admonished Christians to  walk in the path of God and have a good plan for this lives. 

 The popular man of God who is referred to as the Angel of God,  in a very passionate sermon at the Accra branch of IGWC said Christians of today don’t know how to make good plans for their lives which according to him, is the cause of failures. 

“I am your spiritual leader and Jesus Christ is your father, if Jesus doesn’t deliver you, I can’t help you myself.  When I hear someone say, so your pastor sat down for this horrible thing to happen to you I see such a person as someone whose intelligence level is very low because Jesus Christ is our helper and if he doesn’t give me the go ahead I can’t help you.  So what you have to do is make sure you live right in the sight of Jesus Christ. He said

 “Most Christians don’t like giving. They only give when they have problems. They have forgotten that there is a law called the law of sowing and reaping. Christians are stubborn, they don’t like to give thanks giving offering. Bishop Obinim said

“You are not worshipping me if you come to me and your request is not granted don’t blame me, blame Jesus because the path that you take is the one that God will bless you with, the wages of sin is death. If the path you have taken is one that lead to righteousness you will be paid well. If you walk the path of holiness you will reap peace , love , prosperity and the goods that comes with righteousness. 

“If you are carnally minded you will reap a fleshly reward, if your mind is spiritual then you will reap spiritual things. As you present yourself to the lord the same way the lord will bless you” the Angel of God revealed

 “God is a spirit, when you want something from God do some spiritual work, Some people can’t be holy even when they are seeking the face of the lord, Give respect to God, and dedicate the days you are given direction to remain holy, go before God holy and God will meet you on the path you have taken. Are you walking on a spiritual road or a physical road?  A spiritual person will not fall into traps.When you want something  from God be a spiritual person, Fast and pray and lead a rightouse life”

“If prayer is something that is difficult for you and you are always on the internet,every social media,engaging in secular things,  you will not get some things from the spirit

 The bible tells us you will be rewarded for your works.  Peter walked on water when he focused on the spirit but he started sinking when he focussed on the physical”

most people including men of God condemn my miracles because they in the physical and finds it difficult to understand the spiritual things God is doing.  If you are Pastor and you pray in the spirit, you will understand what God is using me to do. Be in the spirit and the lord will do for you things that you request for” he said

 “The first shall be last and the last shall be first” he warned.

gospelreviewgh will bring you the part two of this touching sermon by Bishop Dr.  Daniel Obinim.

By Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya. 


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4 thoughts on “If Jesus don’t help you, I cannot- Bishop Obinim warned as he admonish Christians to have good plans”

  1. Daddy may Your father Jesus Christ bless you more giving this powerful message to the whole world. I love you Daddy

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