Angel Obinim helps a woman to locate her stolen car.

A woman who had her taxi cab snatched by arm robbers is yet to come to terms with how she mysteriously found the car at a mechanic shop at Achimota through Angel Obinim. 

She testify at Accra branch of International God’s Way Church (IGWC), that her taxi cab was snatched from the driver by armed robbers few weeks ago.  The case was reported at Achimota police station but all effort to trace the car proved futile

She met the General Overseer of  IGWC, Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim for God’s intervention to enable her find the stolen car.  Bishop Obinim promised her God will help trace the car. 

She reveals Bishop Obinim in an Angelic form appeared in her dream the same night she had an encounter with the man of God. She said Angel Obinim directed her to a mechanic shop at Achimota station that her car is parked there.  

Surprisingly, she  went to the location in the morning and her car was found at the shop  The car was been prepared to be sprayed to disguise it.

She disclosed, the car has been retrieved and the robbers arrested and are currently at Achimota police cells. 

Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim is referred to as the ‘Angel of God’ due to his Angelic miracle which comes in the form of healing, appearing in peoples  dream to perform surgery and miraculously crediting the accounts of people with money. The man of God is credited with the gift of transforming into animals spiritually  and also different human form to do something miraculous. Many beneficiaries of his miracles claimed the man of God can give you something in a dream and it will appear physical in real life. He reveals his spirit has been made an Angel and the spirit is different from the body Bishop Obinim.

Meet Angel Obinim sundays from morning to 6pm in Kenyasi Bosore,  Kumasi.  Tuesdays in Tema community 9 motorway roundabout and in Accra, Ashley Botwe every Wednesdays.

Call 0505141979 for more info. 


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