​Doctor Salute Angel Obinim for Removing Bullets From a Pregnant Woman

A 36 years old Lady called Sika Love, met Bishop Obinim at emergency prayer for an intervention in her financial predicament. 
She petitioned Angel Obinim to intervene in her situation and Bishop promised to help her. In the cause of doing the direction given to her, one of Bishop’s Pastor, Wisdom appeared in her dream and gave her money. 
Another time, Bishop Obinim appeared in her dream and told her he transformed into Pastor wisdom to give her the money. She revealed that Angel Obinim told her the money is a baby but was intentional turned into money. Same week she conceived.

In her four months of pregnancy, She said she had a dream one afternoon and saw some people attacked her with guns, the people shot her at her stomach in the dream. 
She woke up from the sleep and was attacked by sickness, she went to hospital and doctors at Akuse Hospital revealed she has been shot and is close to her baby in the womb so a surgery has to be performed. She was later paralyzed by the sickness.

Her situation got worse so her husband had to take her to Bishop Obinim at IGWC for God’s intervention. 
Bishop promised her God’s intervention.  Sika revealed that, she had a dream and Angel Obinim appeared in the dream. Angel operated on her and stitched it back.

When she woke up the pains were gone and she was able to walk again.

She went to the hospital for a check up and doctors were surprises at the turn around. 
A doctor at Akuse Hospital, Dr.Tijani who conducted the check on her, was amazed and had to run a second test which the results was the same
She said  Dr. Tijani was  dumbfounded with the miracle and had to clap for Angel Obinim, again asked the woman to salute him.

The woman was in church to give testimony to the Glory of God.

By; Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya


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Using the media to spreading the work of God through his ministers

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