​Bishop Obinim Adopt More Responsibilities, ..As He Includes Two Children To His Hundreds

By; Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya 

The General Overseer of International God’s Way Church (IGWC), Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim  has vowed to take social and welfare responsibility of Yvonne Opoku’s children, a member of IGWC.

The Angel of God during prophecy time called the lady and asked her about two of  her kids, Edem Bawuah 4yrs and  Fidel Bawuah 3yrs.

The Angel of God  promised to take care the children, which include education, food, dress and all expenses.
This decision by the Angel of God has add up to hundreds of children he is taking care of.

“If you don’t know and you  spend on even a pair of shoes for them, I will not be happy with you”, Bishop Obinim warned.
Bishop Obinim begun by giving her 1,000 Ghana Cedis in front of the congregation.

These two kids add up to over two hundred people who a catered for by the philanthropic man of God

Yvonne Opoku who was filled with joy expressed her gratitude to the man of God for the kind gesture.

Edem and Fidel Bawuah


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3 thoughts on “​Bishop Obinim Adopt More Responsibilities, ..As He Includes Two Children To His Hundreds”

  1. Watching and hearing testimonies just amazes me. May God grant him more powers and long life to continue with these good works.

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