God through Angel Obinim turns fibroid to a baby…

The Founder and General Overseer of International God’s Way church, Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim has once again miraculously proven his Angelic powers after he turned fibroid in a woman’s  womb into a baby

Bishop Obinim who is well known for his Angelic Miracles, hence his name Angel Obinim has a lot of  miracles to his credit. 
 His recent Miracle has shock many Ghanaians as he miraculously turn fibroid in a woman’s  womb into a baby.
The woman testified live in church, she met Angel Obinim at emergency prayer line about fibroid in her womb. 
She revealed Angel Obinim gave her oil direction to perform for five days and assured her that  God will change the fibroid into a  baby.
Not long after doing the direction, she went to hospital for a check up and to her surprise, was told that the fibroid is nomore in her womb but a baby has been miraculously replace the fibroid.
 Doctors at Asamankese hospital, where she has been recieving healthcare were astonish about the changes and are still in a shocking mood.
The most surprising aspect of her testimony is,  she revealed that for  over  2yrs now  she has not had sex with any man and it is strange she is pregnant.
By Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya, media aide to Bishop Obinim


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