Prophet testifies Angel Obinim turned his church around.


Prophet Joshua Goka is the founder of Great God Int Church in Tamale, Northern Region of Ghana, he reveals his church was not successful and all his  attempts to attract members failed.

He came to Bishop Obinim at emergency prayer line where he was given a direction.  
In the cause of doing the oil direction,  the wife dreamt and saw Angel Obinim who revealed that the husband’s church was under attack. 
Pastor Joshua also prayed and asked God to use Angel Obinim to reveal what is behind the church failure,  he reveals Angel Obinim appeared in his dream and took him to where the church is, when they got there things had been scattered. Angel Obinim told him that  was the reason why the church was  not progressing.
He said Angel Obinim arranged all the things and took him outside the church where he pointed at some trees and said unless those trees were cleared his church will not improve.
He revealed all of a sudden Angel Obinim turned into an elephant and used his trunk to pull down the trees. 

After the dream he decided to organise a program in the church,  he reveals the program was successful and since then the church is progressing and the numbers of the congregation is increasing at a very astonishing rate


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