Bishop Obinim intervenes for a contractor to win over 200 billion contract . 

Frank Inkoom is a building contractor who won a contract. In the cause of the construction works, the contract was taking away from him dubiously.

Things became hard for him and the wife.  According to Mr Inkoom someone told the wife about the Miracles God is using Angel Obinim to do in the life of many people. 

Hearing doumbfounding testimonies about the man of God,  Mr.  Inkoom and the wife hurriedly met Bishop Obinim at emergency prayer line for God’s intervention.

The man of God assured the couple God will intervene in thier  predicament. 

Bishop Obinim gave them an oil direction. fourth day of following the direction, the contract which was taken away from him was miraculously handed back to him. 

According to Mr. inkoom, few days later he recieved a call from a Ghanaian living in the US who gave him a contract worth 200 billion old cedis. The contract entails, construction of a church,  hotel and offices.

Mr. Inkoom reveals, Bishop Obinim appeared  in his dream and told  him, he (Bishop Obinim) transformed into a different man to give a testimony about him (Mr.  Inkoom)  to the person who awarded him the contract.

Mr. Inkoom and the wife are in church to give a testimony to the glory of God.


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Using the media to spreading the work of God through his ministers

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