I’m the future of Ghana dancehall music-Flexer Gh. 

Sedrick Selasie KOJO Ahiamadia, populerly known by his stage name Flexer Gh (formerly Stubborn Flexer), is a Ghanaian born reggae-dancehall, Hiphop and afro pop musician who will soon rock the world with his music

 Born on the 16th of August, 1993, Sedrick Selasie KOJO Ahiamadia is best known for his single in 2011 title ‘De Demon’ 

Flexer stand for the young and upcoming musicians in Ghana. He seeks to give them a better future and a good place within the Ghana music industry. 

In fulfilment of this dream, Flexer go has created a group named (UMU) Up Coming Musicians Union to help enable the young up coming artistes who have the talent but lack the support to get funds from the music industry 

Flexer Gh has decide to re-brand his style and himself after he stepped out of the music cycle to concentrate on his education . In an interview with Flexer, he said “I am the future of Ghana dancehall and the world  music industry because i have what it takes to do that. You will  agree with me, it takes time to grow every big hero or tree”

According to Flexer he sees no dancehall artiste in Ghana, even though he could appreciate what stonebowy is doing but he  thinks a lot more could be done to the dancehall aspect in Ghana .

Flexer reveals, he is not in a hurry or under pressure to be signed under any management right now because he is being careful with whom he will chose to work with.

In his words he said, ” i was talking with Mr Logic of SMF and many others but i reliase i needed a manager who would be a friend , a motivator and someone who can always give me ideas about how we can win the world and it will be best for me if i relax and chose the right one” Flexer said

“It will be best if all the self a claimed dancehall artiste make the noise they can for now because when I officially jump back, I will clear up things and no one can confuse the fans anymore . 
In 2015, Flexer performed in dubai and promoted many Ghanaian artist including Samini of high grade.

” I promoted Samini in dubai as a good artist and not dancehall artist . I am a dancehall artist and when i see my fellow dancehall artist i know . Believe it or not every wizard or witch know his or her partner . The high grade man is not part of us but he is a boss and a father as well because he is a good artiste, just that he does not have the talent of dancehall”


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