Bishop Obinim miraculously gives 35,000 cedis to a couple. 

​Kate Blay is from Takoradi, she reveals she was in church at International God’s Way Church, Tema and a direction came from Bishop Obinim to lift up their phone to receive mobile money for free on their phone. 

According to Mrs. Blay, she declared that she doesn’t have mobile money so God should place it in her bank account.

After the prayers by Bishop Obinim,  she disclosed that,  she visited her bank the next day for her statement and realized that 5,000 Ghana cedis has been miraculously deposited into her account. 

Mrs.Blay said she believes the money was deposited in her account as a result of the prayers in church the previous day

In a second testimony, she said the husband told her Bishop Obinim appeared in his dream and gave him two sure lotto number.  He stake it and won 30,000 Ghana cedis. 

Madam Kate Blay who is marvelled by the stunning miracle, is in church to give testimony to the glory of God for the dumbfounding miracle which has changed her family’s life entirely.


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