Why we pray. 

​Prayer is communication with God. It’s time we spend in the presence of the Father. A period to worship him and just speak to Him. He delights to hear from us and to speak to us.
We pray not because we need something from God but to spend time with Him. It is to experience intimacy with God. It is a time of fellowship with the Alpha and the Omega. It is a time to bask in His glory and be in His arms.
We pray because we speak to God and He speaks to us. He is constantly reaching out to us to spend more time with Him. We pray because when we spend time in His presence we are transformed and begin to live consistently by the Spirit. Our carnal minds and ways are stopped as the Spirit takes over.
We pray because prayer unleashes the power of God on earth and in every situation. When man works man works but when we pray God works. We pray because in prayer lies our victory. Prayer was a priority to Jesus while He walked on earth. He prayed extensively at night and early dawn. He took charge of His days and ministry through prayer. Nothing ever took Him by surprise.
When we spend time with God we are transformed and the supernatural becomes the norm of our lives. We become unshakable and immovable because we grow stronger even as the eyes of our understanding are enlightened by the Holy Ghost to know God more and to know the things that are freely given unto us.

We pray because we make decrees that are bounding and shape our world and destinies. We pray because our words carry power and as kings we rule and dominate this world by our words.
We pray because that is who we are. We pray because we are spirit brings that walk in the spirit always. We pray because prayer is powerful and able to turn the tides and cause God’s will to done here on earth. We pray because there is no stronghold that our prayer can’t overcome. We pray because prayer is our phone call to God.
We pray because He is always keen to listen to our prayers.

Why do you pray?

    – by Gold Adjo.



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