7 prayer strategies

​In this post I give 7 simple strategies that you can use to build and develop your prayer life. We are in a time that as a church we need to pray and also develop a lifestyle of prayer as children of the King. You need to pray because in prayer and the word lies power to change the world and break every chain of oppression from the enemy. There is power in the name of Jesus let’s use it in prayer!
Here are the seven strategies;
1. Have an appointment with God that you keep.

In order to have a successful prayer life you need to allocate a specific time or times that you pray and spend time with God. This time should be different or separate from your devotional time. Jesus had specific times that He spent in prayer. He usually spent long hours praying at night and early dawn. You can pray for 20 minutes or even hours but you must stick to your schedule.
2. Have a prayer journal.

In this book record your prayer points, what the Lord tells you and record when God answers your prayers.
3. Have a quiet place where you can pray undisturbed. It can even be in your bathroom!

4. Have scriptures that you stand on to pray. You can either make scripture cards or simply write down the scriptures in your prayer journal.
5. Prayer is communion or communicating with the Father and so just speak to Him. You don’t need to have a lot of formalities in fact you don’t need any formalities. Speak to God as you will with your earthly father. God wants to spend time with you.
6. After you’ve spoken listen to His response. Listen to Him so you can hear Him speak to you.

7. Pray in faith and put away fear and doubt.

    – by Gold Adjo



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