​Bishop Obinim delivers cocaine addict. 

A man who has been addicted to the use of cocaine has been delivered by the Leader and founder of International God’s Way Church. 
Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim during prophecy time, revealed a gentleman by name Yaw is addicted to cocaine which has blocked all his blessing. 
Bishop Obinim  who is referred to as the Angel of God due to his Angelic miracle, said God want him to do something for Yaw but he is addicted to drugs which is blocking his success.
The mother of Yaw who was standing by him his son,  confirmed the prophecy.  
She said her son has been addicted to cocaine for 25yrs. She reveals the son was leaving abroad but was repatriated because of drugs. 
The Angel of God and his junior pastors  prayed to deliver him from the addiction.


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One thought on “​Bishop Obinim delivers cocaine addict. ”

  1. I wish to visit Bishop Obinim and his Church this month. I am living in Sierra Leone and a Lawyer here. I admire God’s work in the life of Bishop Obinim. Pls reach me on my email.

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