God through Bishop Obinim cures a man with Hepatitis B

Enerst Nsoh who was suffering from Hepatitis B could not come to terms with a miracle performed for him by God through Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim.

 Nsoh has suffered from the hepatitis B for a long time and all attempts to get cured prove futile. According to Nsoh he heard of Bishop Obinim and went to him at emergency prayer room where he (Bishop) promised that Jesus Christ will heal him.

 Nsoh reveals after following oil direction given to him by the man of God, Bishop Obinim appeared in his dream and sat on his bed. He said Bishop told him he is about to perform Angelic work on him to heal him.

Enerst Nsoh revealed, later Bishop appeared in his dream again on a different day in the company of two nurses and told him, he is coming to run a check on him to know the state of the Hepatitis B.

 Bishop performed a check on him and asked him why he has not gone to hospital for a check up. 

Later in real life he visited the hospital and he was told the Hepatitis B is now negative. 

Joyful looking Enerst Nsoh came to IGWC kumasi branch to give testimony to the glory of God.


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