Bishop Obinim helps police officer interdicted for losing riffle to robbers.

A police Constable with the Bolgatanga district police service could not hide his joy after he was reinstated into the service through the help of the leader and Founder of International God’s Way Church, Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim.

Ebenezer Mensah was interdicted after he lost his ruffle to arm robbers at bawku in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

Narrating his story at the Kumasi branch of IGWC, Ebenezer Mensah said he was on duty with his colleague who requested to take a nap. He said whiles he was left alone he decided to relax in a a chair and all of a sudden some weapon welding men surounded him and took his AK 47 riffle after he was overpowered in a scuffle. 

He said the police service interdicted him for losing his weapong to the robbers. According to constable Mensah, he was watching OB TV ( a satellite television channel belonging to Bishop Obinim) when he saw the man of God doing miracles for people with others testifying to it’s manifestation. 

 He decided to visit the church and during church service Bishop Obinim located him during prophecy hour and gave a prophecy about why he was in church and vowed he will pray for God to ‘arrest’the robbers so he can be reinstated into the police service. 

Constable who was suprised by the revelation by the man of God even though he has not narrated his story to him, met him after church and was given an oil direction.

Accoding to constable Mensah after the oil direction in few days he recieved a call from his station. when he honoured it, he was told they robbers who seized his weapon have arrested and the ruffle retrieved from them.

Constable Mensah revealed he was doumfounded by the Miracle performed in his life by God through Bishop Obinim. He disclosed he has been reinstated after one year long interdiction. 

Constable Mensah who was filled with joy and beaming smiles roled on the floor during sunday’s church service as a sign of gratitude to God and Bishop Obinim for the swift intervention

By Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya


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Using the media to spreading the work of God through his ministers

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