God is not Yaw Perbi, why will he kill Angel Obinim?

I was recovering from the adulations of self inflicted shame cause by a renowed professor Agyemang Badu Akorsah after he attempted in an attemted attempt to engage in a pathetic smear campaign against Bishop Obinim. I was shocked a professor of his caliber could disgrace himself in such a way. In my recovery mood comes another intellectual dishonest element I have known not in Ghanaian intellectual group. It was in a whatsapp group that someone sent a link of an article written by one Yaw Perbi. 

I decided to read, lo and behold! It was another satire by an envious and a jealous man refered to as a doctor, a doctor who has made name in the minds of shallow thinking individuals in Ghana and around the world. I had a different perception about him when i first read his biography.

Yaw Perbi thinks attacking Obinim will increase his pupolarity in the country but it has failed. It is clear that was his plan and he exposed himself in his facebook post. “The insults are raining on ghanaweb” after his infamous ‘why God hasn’t kill Obinim article’ Is clear his aim was to catch public attention.

I read his biography and it was written that he abandoned his work as a medical doctor to preach the gospel. I understand him because is not a calling but influenced to support spread the gospel of Christ after a car accident. I think he needs to have another car accident which will this time aide him understand the work of God well, maybe he can buzz almighty God to give him a call.

Yaw perbi in his article did not state what Bishop Obinim has done wrong but he called him a false prophet. Becareful Yaw, Obinim is not just a prophet but an Angel of God. 

Haven’t you read stories of his Angelic work? I know you are envious because Bishop Obinim did not read the books you read to get to your level so you think he doesn’t deserve it, yes that is the favour of God! With all the books and charlatant intellectual acclaimations, you have not achieved what Bishop Obinim has.
I will not quote the Bible in this article because your article did not give me much desire to challenge you Biblically. It is vague and poor in content, I wonder how you think and understand yourself, it might be a drudgery for you.

It is imperative for every Christian to recognize that certain historically accepted views, especially as they apply to essential Christian doctrine (e.g., the nature of faith, the nature of God, the nature of man, and the person and work of Jesus Christ), are significant, time-tested summations of fundamental Bible-based truths. To deviate from them is to reject the heart of Christian faith.

Christianity In Crisis. Inasmuch as Bishop OBINIM is a cause for worry for you and shallow thinking minds of your kind, never loose count of his numerous Angelic work that has saved many, including patients doctors of your type failed to treat.

Obinim has not done anything that deserve your attacks. Please concentrate on the men of God, whom out of envy has reduced God to a magician by thinking that every dumbfounding miracle has a magician behind it.

Go after those with acumen and the sophistry to rip scripture out of context to sway any Christian. Yaw Perbi, let’s go after “giants” in the African Word of Faith/Charismatic circles who are the purveyors of heresy. Those who wield the ability to twist scripture and have morphed into Angels of light leading millions astray.God hasn’t killed them yet so why will he kill his precious son he has made an Angel.

Your Assertion that Bishop Obinim claims to have the powers to turn into animal so he should have flew instead of joining a flight, exposes your intellectual acumen. It is sad a doctor turned preacher out of depression will think this way. It is a sad day for Christianity, very challenging times for the Christian community! Remember the Bible is not like your books where you feed on the intellects of others. Is sad Yaw, that you will think the Bible is like the medical books.

It is becoming a scourge in this country where some intellectual chicanery people are hiding behind their worldly acquired brains to besmirch Biblically ordained individuals in our society.

Yaw, why do you want to use the name of such a great man of God to influence your popularity in an absurd way, that is evil and Machiavellian.

What I read about you doesn’t give credence to your output. Ok people lie or over polish their biography, I dont think Yaw will do that! If you abandon the envy, you will see Obinim in a good way. Many had the same misconception about Angel Obinim till they met him and did a research about what God is using him to do.

Why God didn’t kill you in the accident? God didn’t kill you because you have something to offer the world, the same way God hasn’t killed Obinim because he is created for greater purpose. God hasn’t killed obinim because he is a gift to the Christian body, God hasn’t killed Obinim because he is created to solve our problems, God hasn’t killed obinim because he has made him an Angel, God hasn’t killed Obinim because God is not like you, God is not envious, God hasn’t killed Obinim because as the heavens is far from the earth, so is the thinking of God from that of man. Next time you think of why God hasn’t killed Obinim, think of why God did not let you die in the car accident.

By Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya

Media aide to Bishop Obinim. 



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Using the media to spreading the work of God through his ministers

5 thoughts on “God is not Yaw Perbi, why will he kill Angel Obinim?”

  1. Umm ‘for lack of knowledge my people perish’… That’s all I can say to you. Yaw Perbi is not envious of Obinim. Open your eyes to the truth and it will set you free, sir.

  2. Dear author, there is something you don’t understand clearly. You are only focusing Obinim s work, not God. Your center is no longer God, but Obinim. Think twice, are you following him or following God? Are you following him because of the good deeds he did and the miracles he did. wake up! Please pray to God, our Lord Jesus to show you the path. Know what is God s Will from His word. I know what you are thinking right now, so all i can do is to pray for you.

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