Bishop Obinim ‘aided’ my wife and I to get a baby-Appiah Stadium. 

​Popular NDC activist, Appiah Stadium has revealed God’s intervention through Bishop Obinim, ‘aided’ he and the wife to give birth
According to Appiah stadium all effort to get his wife pregnant prove futile. he said one day her met the Founder and General Overseer of International God’s Way Church at the airport who exchanged a hand shake with him, he said he told Bishop Obinim to turn the hand shake to a child for him because he has heard, he (Bishop Obinim) has been helping people with child bearing problem. 

Appiah disclosed, Bishop proclaimed God will help him

Appiah reveals the wife has visited many men of God and was given directions but nothing good came out of it. He recalled one time the wife confessed to him that she was given a direction by a man of God to chew a box of biscuit to enable her get pregnant but all did not yield any results

He said not long, after his encounter with Bishop Obinim the wife became pregnant, for which he has vowed never to speak against Bishop Obinim.

As a show of gratitude, Appiah Stadium was present at the Police headquarters in solidarity with the man of God after he was wrongfully accused of fraud and flogging his foster children for act of fornication and attempted abortion. 

Appiah also disclosed the wife of Bishop Obinim, Mrs. Florence Obinim accept to composed a derge for the death of late President Atta Mills when an attempt to get musicians to sing was unsuccessful 

He said the kind gesture exhibited by the popular musician is one that should not go unrewarded.

Appiah Stadium again visited the Kumasi Kenyasi Bosore branch of International God’s Way Church during the 39 birthday celebration of Bishop Obinim, where he made these confession.


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  1. pray for me to have my introduction this year by december, an also my brother want to be a footballer help us man of GoD we are from nigeria in nasarawa state ,wamba local government thank you

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