Bishop Obinim stunned a woman with three miracles

A woman going through financial challenges is yet to come to terms with miracles performed in her life by God through Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim.

Madam Esther who has never worshipped at the International God’s Church, reveals Bishop Obinim appeared in her dream and told her to come to church so that he cam help her.

After the dream, she decided to meet the man of God at emergency prayer line. 

When she appeared before him (bishop obinim) in church, he told her not to talk because he invited her, and he knows her problems. 

He gave her oil to use for five days. After the oil direction, she disclosed a friend visited her and when the friend was about to leave, a voice that sounds like Bishop Obinim spoke to her and told her to write the car number of the friend and use it to stake lottery.

 She confessed, she had small amount of money on her but she staked with it and won 1000 Ghana cedis.

She said later her son won US VISA lottery and she needed money to process documents to enable her son travel to the USA. she revealed. She  prayed with Bishops Obinims sticker asking God to get her a helper. Ten munites after the prayers, she received call from a friend who said that he has sent her money. She went to withdraw and it was 5000 Ghana cedis. She used the money to process the son’s documents to enable him travel.

The third miracle took place when one of her son’s at madina in Accra, called and told her to pray to God through Angel obinim to help him win supa bet. The woman claims after the prayers the son called in few hours that he has won 43,000 Ghana cedis from supa bet. A miracle that has dumbfounded the entire family.

The family visited the Kumasi branch of International God’s Way Church to testify to what God has used Bishop Obinim to do in their lives.


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