Pastors plot to plant cocaine and dead body on Bishop Obinim


Founder and leader of the Glorious Wave Chapel International, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi has emphatically stated some Pastors in the country are plotting evil against the Bishop Daniel Obinim of the International God’s Way Church.

According to Prophet Kobi some men of God are planning to plant cocaine on Bishop Obinim to cause his arrest he also revealed that, as part of a backup plan, the undisclosed men of God are trying to dumb dead body at the church or the residence of Bishop Obinim to implicate him.

He said God revealed all these to him and he has therefore warned the security at the church and the residence of Bishop Obinim to be tightened in the coming days. He disclosed reasons behind this evil, is envy and jealousy.

“They have met and planned to do all these evil act just to implicate Bishop Obinim, I will advise the church to begin to pray because the church is under attack, this is the time to show you love your leader”.

“Whilst he is traveling he will be arrested at the airport for carrying drugs, another plan is to dumb bodies at the church or his residence to mean he is into ritual killings” Prophet Kobi reveals

It could be recalled that Rev Kobi gave a prophecy about Bishop Obinim years ago which has all come to pass. In the said Prophecy he described Bishop Obinim as a gift to the body of Christ, contrary to the criticisms the latter has faced.

Prophet Kobi said: “Ghanaians are always rejecting any good thing that comes our way. They find all possible means to destroy it. But to some of us, we will never rise against it. Because what God has decided to use Bishop Obinim for, there are more on the way coming. “As I came into the ministry, it is about some few months that I was able to raise someone from the dead. But Obinim has been consistently raising the dead. It is not all men of God who have this gift from God. This man is not just Bishop Obinim, he is a gift to the body of Christ. It pains me to hear people talking against men of God. How many Pastors have been able to do what Obinim is doing here in Ghana?”

He prophesied that a lot more of the miracles are on the way coming comparing Obinim to celebrated Nigerian Prophet, TB Joshua, where a lot of people will chase him.

“I am standing here today to prophecy that God is going to use Obinim seriously from next year. People from across the world will chase him here in Ghana. People will look for him like they troop to Nigeria to look for TB Joshua. God is coming to use him in such a way that people will speak evil about him. Some will say he is not from God. Others will say he is using black powers but that cannot discourage us. Because no one curse who God has blessed.”


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