Bishop Obinim sent wife to give gold to a woman in a dream and appeared physical.

The congregants of International God’s Way Church kumasi branch were dumfounded by the testimony of a woman who was going through financial problems and miraculously received gold in her dream which appeared physical.

Ama brago is a resident of Manso Abram in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. She consulted Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim at Emergency prayer line about her predicaments. She was given oil to use for five days, after the oil direction Mrs Florence Obinim apperard in her dream and said her husband sent her to give her something. Ama Brago reveales Mrs. Obinm gave her something wrapped in apaper and when she opened it it was gold. 

The next morning when she woke up from bed she was very disappointed what whay Mrs. Obinim gave to her in the dream did not appear physical in real life because she is aware that whatever Bishop do for people in a dream appears in real life

 Accoding to madam Brago. she was sweeping the compound and heard the voice of Bishop telling her to look at the  left side, she did and saw the wrapped  item that was given to her in a drem, she checked and it was the gold.

Out the f joy she gave it to her brother to sell it, he sold it and it was worth 4000 ghana cedis. Equivalent to 1050 USD

she was in church with the husband to give testimony to the glory of God.


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