Bishop Obinim cures two of madness and epilepsy

Abena Adobea Tuffour has been mad for 3 months, doctors at  pantang hospital tried but was not successful in their attempt to cure the madness. 

The lady was brought to International God’s Way Church and during emergency prayer time Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim hit her forehead and declared he has arrested the madness.

Since then the madness has left the young lady and for 5months she has not exhibited any signs of madness. The family including herself are in church to give testimony to God.

Bishop Obinim cures a man of epilepsy

William Obeng has been suffering from epilepsy for so many years. All attempt to get him cured failed.

He was brought to International God’s Way Church and met Bishop Obinim. He was given oil and a direction, few days Bishop appeared in the dream of his wife and told her, he (BISHOP Obinim) will send the sickness back to where it came from. 

The man and wife testify in church since the dream, signs of the epilepsy has vanished and doctors have confirmed it.


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6 thoughts on “Bishop Obinim cures two of madness and epilepsy”

  1. That is instant miracles.
    The power of God is working .
    Ghanaian should stop making vain comments about Bishops Obinim, whether they like or not God has given him the gift and he is using it.

  2. My only advice to Bishop and his team is that they should concentrate on the work they are doing and forget about their critics for a servant is not greater than his master. If they did it to Jesus they will do it to you also. Many are those are watching you. Attend to their needs and stop responding to unnecessary critics

  3. Leave everything in God’s hands. The judgement day would determine our faith or stand in Christ Jesus. I don’t know about their Calling and how God directs them. It is not the evil that should do miracles but the house of God. We Attribute every miracle as Evil. God have mercy on us. Let us be wise in handling the world

  4. bishop obinim help me with prayer so that i should get marry pls man of GoD locked me in my dream pls i am from Nigeria in Nasarawa state thank you.

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