​Bishop Obinim gives 80,000 cedis to a man in a dream and appears physical.

Kojo Adom who was using a rickety vehicle due to financial problems miraculously received an amount of 80,000ghana cedis after he petitioned God through Bishop Obinim at Emergency prayer line to intervene in his situation so he can purchased a new car
 He was given oil and a direction. After using the oil he prayed with Bishop’s sticker and asked him to perform an angelic work for him. 
He reveals Bishop appeared in his dream in an Angelic form and told him to go into his car when he wake up from sleep he will see some amount of money. 

Surprising he woke up went to his car and saw a polythene bag in the car. He picked it up and counted it, it was 80,000 Ghana cedis. 

A testimony which has dumfounded Bishop Obinim and his Pastors. 
The man and the wife are in church to give testimony.

Kojo Adom reveals he has purchased a new car worth 75,000.

NB: To the doubting Thomases, the picture of the couple, the car, name and every detail is here. Do your investigations. Thanks


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Using the media to spreading the work of God through his ministers

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