Thank Bishop Obinim for saving us from your mess. my reply to Prof Badu Akosah

14248917_10206927731621341_158141366_n1 Corinthians 3:19 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight. As it is written: “He catches the wise in their craftiness”;

Matthew 13: 11, ” he answered and said unto them, because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given”. Reading Prof Badu Akosa’s article in the daily graphic, on the 2 September 2016 dubbed “Ghana o Ghana! Where art thou?” I concluded that it is a clear case of him not being privy to the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. As such, the aim of this article is to educate him and any non believers about the mysteries of the heaven(God).

God brought us into this wonderful country with numerous resources, God in his wisdom gave us leaders which Prof Agyeman Badu Akosah is one. This noble man has ever been the Director General of Ghana health service. These leaders even though with the resources God handed to us, have failed us. Is therefore out of place for this noble professor to blame religion and use a noble man of God, Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim as a conduit to hit the same masses they have plug into  poverty.

It is clear the Professor is not happy with the attention Bishop Obinim is enjoying, yes I can feel his pain, the cry of a civil servant turned politician whose popularity is diminishing in our public discourse. Professor Akosah contributed his part to this great nation and we acknowledge that. In doing so, it is very much expected of him to also give respect to other people who are also contributing in the spiritual realm. The angle of his article can be likened to a politician who has failed us and is shifting the blame. God asked you to lead us, not all had the opportunity to read the books you did, but you have all failed us hence the masses decision to go back to God to seek wisdom and spiritual influence in their lives. If a leader like you could void personal interest, the masses will not worry the almighty God to change their lives.

There is this misconception in the minds of some Ghanaians and I thought a Professor of your status will not be swimming in the pool of ignorance about the work of Bishop Obinim. People turn to him because the problems you and your group have brought on them can easily be solved through prayers. The sickness doctors cannot cure due to negligence and intellectual lacuna, are treated with prayers.

I think you should rather be thanking Bishop Obinim and other men of God for saving people from the mess you and your group created. As an astute Professor you have had the opportunity of travelling to many countries and you have observed their health delivery system, don’t you feel bad when you come to Ghana to see the system you have created for us as director of Ghana health service?

One thing you must know, Bishop Obinim doesn’t extort money from people as you want the public to believe. I will be happy if you will pay us a visit to understand what goes on in the church before you make conclusions base on lies and hear say. 

The kingdom of heaven has many mysteries, the following are a few of them

1. It is based on the law of sowing and reaping. In the kingdom, whatever you give to God is returned back to you in good measure,pressed down, shaken together and running over(Luke 6:38). Nobody gives to God in FAITH loses in the kingdom of heaven. Therefore,whatever anyone give or sow into the life of man of God in the kingdom of heaven in faith is returned back a hundredfold.

2. The kingdom of God is invisible, it is said to be in our heart( Luke 17: 20).It does not come by observation since it is within us, it comes by revelation. Therefore one can not understand the kingdom of God through reasoning or the intellect. It can only he understood by revelation knowledge which the spirit of God freely gives.

3. The kingdom of Heaven(God) is operated by a covenant and that covenant is assessed through the practice of casting all your burdens onto him (1 peter 5:7). It is only when you cast that burden unto Him that he can solve it for you because by casting it, you place it in his jurisdiction.

A wrong perception has been created about men of God in the country, but I never thought a person of your status will believe it. Sir! You will ask citizens to rather pay their taxes to the churches if you make time to research into what they are doing in the lives of many. Apart from the people seeking for spiritual help from these men of God, they are working on their salvation. There is a supreme being called God. I believe you don’t know him but he created you and I.

I will not waste much of my time because you are an atheist so the gospel of Jesus Christ is not something you interested in. Maybe your profession as a renowned pathologist has changed your thinking and respect for human beings. At least Bishop Obinim is not an alcoholic and a person who don’t believe in the God that created all of us.

The next time you try to put something on a paper, have it at the back of your mind that we are like you and we have right to religion and association and a Professor like you should know better. You want to talk us into believing in your believes, allow us follow who we want to follow, we don’t just worship Bishop Obinim and other mean of God, but we adore, cherish and revere them.

Kindly read these stories and try as much as possible to locate those behind it and you will appreciate what the men of God are doing in the lives of people.

Doctors clap for Obinim for changing the intestines of a little girl.

Bishop Obinim raised three of my workers from death- CEO of Emacom Plus

Bishop Obinim miraculously gives 50,000 cedis to a trader

Before I end this discourse let me make it clear to you, the supporters of Bishop Obinim besieged the police not like how supporters of politicians like you do, at least they were praying and singing. You are envious of the support, that is what I see. Even politicians like you who have failed the country and the world have supporters to back you, not to talk of a man of God who is saving many.

The best you can do, is to thank Bishop Obinim and other men of God for saving your asses.

By the way how is the C.P.P. ?. I pray you win the December elections.

Written by Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya

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6 thoughts on “Thank Bishop Obinim for saving us from your mess. my reply to Prof Badu Akosah”

  1. What else is there to be said again.You have said it all.The multitude following the Bishop are men and women of scruples just like the Professor himself.One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

  2. Mr.Joseph Osei Brenya’s bread is being threatened by Prof. Agyeman Badu Akosah’s article. That is why he is scandalising the Prof. Mr. Brenya’s choice of words does not suggest he is a religious person.

  3. when? when ? when? are Ghanaians going to be respectful and learn and be respectfull how can you compare prof to obinim if you go to other contries they are working so hard learning building their countries look at us here following people like obinim puting themselves in likes of prof Akosa i mean how??? what qualification does he have can he even read the bible so well and interpreat it/

    Please prof try and speak the truth and educate Ghanaians for we are left in the dark

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