​Bishop Obinim raised three of my workers from death- CEO of Emacom Plus

The Owner of a sliding door manufacturing company Emacom Plus, has revealed that three of his workers who died after fallen off a skyfold were strangely brought back to life by God through the Founder and General Overseer of International God’s way Church.  Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim. 

 Mr. Emmanuel Boateng who was dumbfounded by the miracle narrates he got a contract at cape coast to work on a building so he went to site with his workers. 

According to Mr. Boateng whiles he was asleep, Bishop Obinim who is referred to as the Angel of God,  appeared in his dream and warned him not to work on the next day which was Sunday.  
He said Bishop Obinim appeared third time and warned him again. The next morning  before he could locate his workers and inform them not to go to work on that day, he was informed that three of his workers have fallen from a skyfold and died instantly. He decided to report to the police. He revealed, on his way he met an old woman who vowed to raise the three people from death.  

According to Mr. Boateng, the old lady went with him to where the three were and requested for a tomato leave but they didn’t get some,  suddenly tomatoes leaves appeared in the palm of the strange woman. Mr Boateng disclosed. 

He said, the old woman applied the leaves on the nose of the three and suddenly they woke up from death.  Mr Boateng disclosed he couldn’t believe what he witnessed and at a time he thought all was a dream.  

He said after the overwhelming miracle, the woman told him, he (Boateng) has made pulpit for her and she loves him so much.  “I couldn’t believe it because I have never met the old woman before in my life.” Mr claimed

Meanwhile this Mr. Boateng has crafted a pulpit for Bishop Obinim in all the three branches of his church as a gift.  

Hold and behold,  the strange old woman disclosed she is Angel Obinim. 

Mr disclosed,  he was dumbfounded by the revelation and the Angelic Miracle. 
He said the old woman asked him to help her with a load,  he turned and turned back,  strangely the old woman had disappeared.

 Mr. Boateng was the Kumasi branch of IGWC to give testimony to God.
Mr Boateng’s company has three branches in Ghana. One in Tema ,Accra and Anloga in Kumasi.


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