God used Bishop Obinim to change the kidney of a woman and healed a man of low sperm count

Faustina Adade Yeboah received the Miracle of her life after God through the Founder and General Overseer of International God’s Way Church (IGWC) Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim replaced her kidney which doctors recommended a surgery.

According to Mrs Yeboah,  she   had serious kidney problem and doctors at KATH recommended that she should be taken to India or Turkey for a surgery. She came to IGWC and during healing time Bishop Obinim prayed for her. She confirms she felt something left her body suddenly.

She went to KATH again and to the amazement of herself and all the doctors,  the damaged kidney could not be traced. Doctors say her kidney has been replaced. She revealed she has suffered pain from one hospital to the other but all proved futile. 

Mr Paul Yaba also told the congregation of IGWC kumasi branch that, he had a dream and saw a man holding a penis and was pulling semen out of it. her asked and the man said it is his penis.  

He asked for the penis and it was given to him. He tried to take the semen which was discharged into a bowl but could not. The man said he was told his sperms is going to be used for ice kenkey. 

Later in reveal life he became impotent, tried many times but could  not impregnated his wife. 

He went to hospital and doctors say he has low sperm count. So he went to IGWC and during prophecy time Bishop Obinim called him and said he has low sperm count so he should take an orange, when they gave it to him Bishop said it is his sperms he was replacing. 

Weeks later he went to hospital and doctors confirmed that he doesn’t have low sperm count again. Instead of the normal 20-140million he has 40-140 million spermatozoa. He came to IGWC, kumasi filled with joy to give testimony to the glory of God.

Written by Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya.


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