Former DCE testifies “God used Bishop Obinim to raise my nephew from death”


The former District Chief Executive for Jasikan in the Volta Region of Ghana has testified God through Bishop Obinim saved his nephew who was pronounced dead. According to Nana Kumesi Bonse who testified at the International God’s Way Church Ashaley Botwe, Accra branch during an all-night church service that the intervention by God through the popular man of God brought back his nephew to life.

According to Nana he received a call that his nephew was dead. He said he rushed there and he removed Bishop Obinim’s miracle bangle and chain he was wearing and wore it on his dead nephew. He said he prayed to God and called on Bishop Obinim and his father Jesus Christ to perform miracle for him.

He became dumbfounded when his nephew who was declared dead after the prayers resurrected from death.

Nana reveals what shocked him and his entire family is that, this nephew said whiles he was dead, he saw himself going somewhere when all of sudden he saw Bishop Obinim who prevented from going to where he was heading to. He disclosed Bishop Obinim formed a blockade and held his hand and asked him to return, that was where he came back to life.

The former DCE says, the account of his nephew affirmed his believe that God indeed used Bishop Obinim to raise his nephew from death.

Written by Joseph Oppong Brenya.



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One thought on “Former DCE testifies “God used Bishop Obinim to raise my nephew from death””

  1. Bishop God bless you for the good work u are doing. Continue and help children of God in Jesus name Amen. I’m a police c I d in Bawku Upper East region. Please when you sey a prayer then remember your son. I love you Bishop.

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