Florence Obinim delivered out of impending car accident

The founder and leader of International God’s Way Church during Wednesday 20th July 2016 Church service, delivered his wife from an impending car accident.

Bishop Obinim who is referred to as the Angel of God, at prophecy time, revealed to the congregation the wife will be involve in a car accident within the same week.

According to the man of God, God revealed to him that there is a plot by the evil one to eliminate her because she has been a blockade to something they want to do. 

The husband during live church service delivered her off the impending car accident. 

The prophecy confirms a dream the popular gospel singer had few weeks ago. According to Mrs Obinim she was attack in a dream by some people believe to be witches, she revealed they have been sent to attack her but was unsuccessful.

“in the dream,  they were complaining about why am being a blockade to their agenda. This their so called agenda, I don’t know it” Mrs. Obinim said. 

Written by Joseph Oppong Brenya 


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