What will make me sad is when my Angelic powers is taken from me-Bishop obinim reacts to fire incident 

The Founder and General Overseer of International God’s Church has reacted to Tuesday’s inferno that razed down a six bedroom house at Kenyasi Bosore branch of his church. 

Bishop Obinim who is referred to as the Angel of God told his congregation at Ashaley Botwe, Accra branch of his church that the unfortunate incident cannot discourage or affect him emotionally.

“Why do you look as if you have lost something great? You have frowned your faces as if you have the whole world’s problem on your head. Rejoice in every situation you find yourself. Some of you say you don’t have money but if I should search your pocket,  I will find small amount of money. There are people who can not even get one Ghana Cedi in your pocket for a whole week”

“I couldn’t  sleep Monday and Tuesday but last night I slept very well. I have told you many times that is only when my Angelic powers given to me by God is taken from me, is when I will be sad and in fact, I will cry” Bishop Obinim said amidst cheers and jubilation from his congregation.

I gave the house out to my workers and if they have sat for the house to be burnt, I cannot worry myself over this.

Written by Joseph Oppong Brenya 


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Using the media to spreading the work of God through his ministers

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