Bishop Obinim reveals hidden mysteries in Christianity.

DSC_0283The Founder and general Overseer of International God’s Way Church in Ghana, Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim has tasked Christians to search and understand hidden mysteries in the Christian fate. Bishop Obinim who is referred to as the Angel of God said Christians need to learn and pray for understanding of the ways of God

“This days our ways of venerating God is horrible. In the olden days, God attached years to people’s requested, some will last for yours before God will answer their prayers. Nowadays people come to church and the want God to perform miracle for them the next day. There are people whose time are due, that is why God answers them and there others years before they are answered”

“There is chosen time for everybody. God said to Abraham, whoever blesses you, I will bless the person and whoever curses you, I will curse the person. If you have heard this message, will you go cursing Abraham? If you hear this, what will you do as a wise man? Bishop asked.

Bishop said Christians don’t attached any seriousness to the voice of God. “There is too much foolishness in some Christians. There secret is that your appointed time for God to answer you is not up, but God has said he has blessed Abraham and that if you curse him, he will curse you and if you bless him, he will bless you. So as wise Christian whose appointed time is not up to receive God’s blessing, what will you do?

“The secret is that most of you, your time is not up but you are tabbing into my time. God said I will heal the sick, I will do many Miracles, but you are in your home suffering and your appointed time is not up, what will you do? Many people are getting healed receiving miracles through me but is not yet their time, is because they are tabbing into my time.

“Your time has not come but Obinim’s time is up to perform miracles, so why don’t you go to him to receive yours? This is common sense in Christianity. These are the missing mysteries in Christianity many don’t know.

You have tried to bring me down many times but you have failed in all the attempt, why don’t you join me? There is a saying that “if you can’t beat them join them” is only wise to know this. In your church, your Pastor’s time is not up neither to talk of yours. What is the wise thing to do? Some pastors are wise, they know their appointed time is not up so they come here for anointing, to also help their congregation. This is a common sense, these are the missing mysterious in Christianity.



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