War looms in Ghana; Bishop Obinim can stop it-God reveals to Burkinabe Priest


A Burkinabe priest stunned the entire congregation of International God’s Way Church (IGWC) after he told the church at Ashaley Botwe, Accra that God has revealed to him that war drapes in the skies of Ghana and if Bishop Obinim Pray, he can preclude it.

Drabani said in a revelation, he saw Angels with wings surrounding a burning fire, he said Bishop Obinim was part of the Angels with huge wings, bigger than all the Angels. He said all of a sudden he heard a voice saying “you are priest of an Idol but you part of my Children, there is going to be a war in Ghana in the upcoming general election, Ghana will be in agony” he revealed another voice spoke beseeching that one of the Angels, (Bishop Obinim) is from the country so he should not allow this to materialize in the country.

“You are the only one who pray to stop it, the voice told Bishop Obinim”. The voice directed that Bishop Obinim should assembly all leaders of the political divide in the country and pray to thwart any calamity that will befall the nation. Drabani said

Bishop Obinim delivering Drabani from the idol spirit

Drabani divulges, in real life he was at his home when a man of God preaching the gospel came to his house and delivered the same message he saw in the dream and asked him to carry the message to Bishop Obinim and his congregation.

He said, the man told him many people will not trust it but woe unto them that will say is a lie and speak against this prophecy. He said the wrath of God will come upon them who will say this is a fabricated prophecy. He added that God revealed to him, has made Bishop Obinim and Angel so truly he is Angel of God and he has made him the sun so any one under the sun who speaks against him cannot escape the wrath of the sun

Drabani says, he is Burkinabe who has been operation his shrine in Ghana at Yamarasa Nkwanta in the Central Region of Ghana for almost twenty years. He said after these revelations, he has no route than to stop serving the idols and give himself to Jesus Christ.

Drabani’s account, electrified the IGWC congregation into a state of jubilation and applauds

After delivering the message, he was detached from the idol spirit by Bishop Obinim in Church.

Bishop Obinim pouring oil on Drabani to deliver him from the idol spirit

Written by Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya.


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Using the media to spreading the work of God through his ministers

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