Linguist of Awutu traditional council reveals “Bishop Obinim gave me coins with Angels”

…………in a dream and appeared physically

Picture of the coin, live in church

Linguist of Awutu traditional council in the central region of Ghana, witnessed a mind blowing miracle  after Bishop Obinim who is the Founder and General Overseer of International God’s Way Church (IGWC) appeared in his dream and gave him a coin which has Angels with wings labelled on them.

The linguist, Nana Quarye  who is also a real estate developer told the Tema branch of (IGWC) during testimony time that he was watching OB TV. A satellite television station owned by Bishop Obinim, and he saw the man of performing great miracles.

He said Bishop Obinim asked people with financial problems to stretch their hands towards him and receive money while he prays.
He revealed he is facing serious financial problems and his business is near collapse, so he also stretched his hand to receive whatever the man of God was transferring spiritually.

Nana Quaye with Bishop Obinim after he gave the coin to him in Church

He said later he had a dream and Bishop Obinim had come to him and told him to go for some money hidden at the corridor of his house. He did, when he checked, it was a coin which has Angels with wings on it with no country’s denomination on it.

According to Nana, he woke up from sleep and saw the coin physically in his hands. He was shocked to the bone. He checked and it was the coin with the Angels he was told to go for in the dream.

He confessed this incident has ignited the believe that Bishop Obinim is really an Angel of God and he is truly from God.

The story of the Nana, thrown the entire congregation into a state of shock. The story stunned many especially people visiting the church for the first time.
Bishop Obinim said he will stand on the coins to work on the Nana’s finances.


Pastors taking a closer look at the coin with astound

In the same service

Bishop Obinim saves the life of a young lady who could have been used for rituals by a boy who will proposed love to her. Bishop revealed the guy will propose to the lady and she will accept it but later will arrange with a juju man to disguise as his father and kill the lady for rituals. Details soon on

The young lady standing with Bishop Obinim during the revelation.

Bishop Obinim dash Essien 20,000 cash.


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