Angel Obinim haunts ‘hit and run’ driver, revealed identity to widow mysteriously

The Widow and son thanking God

Even though this is not the greatest miracle performed by Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim but this one  sent chills into the spines of  the entire members of International God’s Way Church including visitors after a widow and her son revealed, Bishop Obinim haunted the killer of her husband and mysteriously gave out his identity.

Narrating her story during testimony time in church, a widow who lost her husband through accident by a ‘hit and run driver’ said she visited the man of God to tell him about her predicaments after she lost her husband seven years ago.

According to the woman, she acquired a picture of Bishop Obinim at the Kenyasi Bosore branch of his church and prayed with it asking God to use the man of God to perform wonders in her life.

She disclosed, she  had a dream and saw her dead husband and another man with Bishop Obinim. She said in the dream her husband was crying and the tears turned into blood, pleading with Bishop Obinim to help his family. She continued, in the dream Bishop Obinim told her the other man is the one who killed her husband, fled and now living abroad. Bishop Obinim promised he will assist her. says the woman

She told the congregation, Bishop Obinim appeared in her dream the second time and told her when she wake up from sleep, she should go to a chief known as kuasehene, popularly called DKS at Domaa in the Brong Ahafo region and request for the phone number of the hit and run driver because they are related and the chief knows about the incident.

She said when she woke up, she went to the chief and requested that Bishop Obinim says he knows the husband’s killer so he should give her his contact. She added suddenly the chief was shock at what the woman had told him.

“The Chief,  initially was resistant but finally gave the number out as if there were external unseen forces manipulating him”  she disclosed.

After obtaining the phone contact she called , according  to the widow, the man answered pleading for forgiveness. He revealed he has lost everything mysteriously and now he is in a village around wenchi.

According to the widow, the man revealed to her he was having a protracted dream which he always see a man telling him he will destroy everything of his if he doesn’t own up and confess what he has done.

Commenting on the testimony, Bishop Obinim promised to spiritually put pressure on the chief and the man to support the family and own up to the offense committed.

Bishop Obinim said he directed the woman to the chief so that there will be a witness because the chief is the Man’s family member and he was informed of the incident.

Bishop Obinim advised the congregation to always look for an elderly person as a witness in anything  they do.


In the same church service:

First seed sowing testimony. Woman testifies that she took part in the seed sowing announced by Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim and after that Bishop appeared in her dream, there were some men trying take two hundred Ghana cedis from her. Suddenly Bishop appeared and fought them and collected the money for her and told her to bring the money to church for prayers. She woke up and saw the money live on her bedside



A Muslim convert a juju man to become Bishop Obinim believer Full story soon on



Doctor at Tamale, in Northern Region of Ghana recommends bishop OBINIM to a patient for healing. She came and God through Bishop Obinim did what the medical books couldn’t.


Written by Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya.


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