Florence Obinim’s ‘words of ‘wisdom’ is changing homes


The wife of the leader of  International God’s way Church is said to be influencing and changing households through her “words of wisdom” program on Television. The program is broadcast on every Saturday at 9:00pm on OB TV, a satelliteTV station established by her husband to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The program seeks to admonish marriage and yet to be couples on things to do to enable a happy home. The program is based on the scriptures and Bible teachings.

Since it’s inception, the program is said to have educated many people on how to keep their homes to ensure successful marriage and relationship. Viewers and participants have commended the the wife of the man of God cum Gospel artiste for introducing the program which is having positive influence in their lives

The program is becoming one of the greatest and most watched educational program on satellite Television. The attention is due to the exemplary life of Mrs. Florence Obinim who has been an inspiration to many married couples and those in relationships leading to marriage.

Many people adore Mrs. Obinim because of her demeanor and her show of firmness in her quest to support her husband in his gospel ministry despite many turbulence and challenges along the way.

A viewer said “The program educate us on how as Christians we have to take care of our home, how to relate with our husbands and children to ensure a happy home. There are certains things she explains with biblical quotations which makes it clear to understand and put into practice. My husband and i watch the program every weekend and is really helping our marriage. We need more of these to help us, This program has really been of great benefit to us”


Another viewer said “Mrs Obinim’s life is an example to us all and you bear witness to what people say about her, she is an inspiration to many women. She is a great woman who deserve all the support. She exhibits her good traits in all aspect of life, that is a women who can teach others to be like her”

Gospelreview.WordPress.com will bring weekly episode of Mrs. Florence Obinim’s words of wisdom. You can read all here and also make a date to watch video of the show every Saturday at exactly 9:00pm

Written by Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya.


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Using the media to spreading the work of God through his ministers

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