Do not stop praying-Bishop Obinim tells Christians


Founder and general overseer of International God’s Way Church has admonished Christians to be prayerful. Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim who was delivering a sermon at the Tema branch of his church told the congregation not to be lazy when it comes to prayers.

“As a man of God, there is one thing that I have discovered, that is; prayer can do things that money cannot do. Many people are in misery because they have stopped praying, he said

“Even my pastors and workers, i know those who love praying and those who don’t. God is lifting those who pray and making them great. Myself i love prayers more than my mobile phone because with the mobile phone, i communicate with people, but with prayers, i communicate with God”

“If you observe closely, in this country men of God who love praying are developing in their ministry. In some churches, prophesies are just for entertainment because they don’t, pray so when there is prophecy it doesn’t materialize. All the great prophets and men of God in the Bible, like Joseph, Daniel, Peter and the rest were very prayerful.  You can’t be successful without prayers”

Bishop Obinim cautioned his congregation against laziness in prayer. “You will lose all you have if you stop praying,  people have lost their properties, work, love ones and other valuable things because they have stopped praying. There are people who for a whole week will not pray, as a Christian you have to pray every day”

Bishop Obinim told his church, “Anyone who don’t pray fails in life. I do both spiritual and physical work as a man of God and i can testify to you what prayer can do, People are experiencing turbulence and strangulations in life because they stopped praying. Do not stop praying, do not stop praying, do not stop praying!! Bishop Obinim warned


During Testimony time:

A girl raised from death by Bishop Obinim gives testimony with the mother in church. She was declared dead by doctors at Tema general hospital but was brought to IGWC led by a nurse called Comfort. Bishop Obinim prayed for close to an hour and the young girl was brought back to life. Mum disclosed she has not been seriously sick since then.


During Prophesy time:

Bishop Obinim called all pregnant women to be prayed for. He revealed to them, the gender of their unborn babies. He said there were problems with some of the pregnancies. Some of the women confirmed it. One said she has been pregnant for three years but when she goes to hospital nothing can be detected. Another woman confirm same, said she has been pregnant for two years and another one pregnant for eleven months. The Angel of God promised to pray for them.







One of the pregnant women weeping

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