Bishop Obinim saves Otumfour’s chief executioner from jail


Chief executioner for the Ashanti king has revealed to the congregation of International God’s way church at Kenyasi Bosore that the spiritual intervention by God through Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim influenced a court case he was battling with for close to five years.

Nana Kofi Nti who is popular known as Zimbabwe was filled with joy, he expressed his gratitude to the popular man of God for his swift spiritual intervention. He met Bishop Obinim at emergency counselling and told him about his predicament. Nana said Bishop Obinim promised to pray to God to influence the outcome of the case.

Narrating the story, Nana Kofi Nti said it all started seven years ago when he had a dream that he has been arrested and jailed for fraud. According to Nana he did not attached any seriousness to the dream. He said later in real life he was arrested for fraud. Order to gain his freedom, he visited many native doctors in paga, Navrongo, bolga, tamale and many other areas including neighbouring Togo and Benin to seek for spiritual intervention but all prove futile, he said he wasted billions of Ghana cedis, all in the quest to have him freed

Nana after wasting all resources was advised to see the general overseer of International God’s Way Church Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim. He said when he went to the man of God, he told him God will intervene for that matter he has taken authority on the case so he will get his freedom soon.

Nana Kofi Nti said away from the court case, he was also suffering from diabetes which Bishop Obinim promised to cure him. He was astonished when after numerous check ups doctors could not find the sickness again. Nana disclosed this miracle boosted his faith.

According Nana, the man of God at certain stage paid his legal fees because he had wasted all his money on the case.

The most surprising part of Nana’s story is that, after court proceedings on Friday on 24 of June 2016, the Kumasi high court acquitted and discharged him of all charges.

Nana Kofi Nti disclosed that, incidents before the judgement points to the fact that a divine intervention saved him from jail. He said prosecutors in the case called five witnesses but in all God saved him from the impending jail sentence.

Nana was taken by  surprise when the case which has travelled for so many years from one court to the other came to an end and he was acquitted and discharged by the court.

Nana who is also the Ayoko Chief at Kenyasi in the Ashanti Region said the court case which could have landed him in jail has virtually taking everything from him. He added, he has faith that Bishop Obinim will be used by God to restore all that he has lost.


Written by Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya.


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2 thoughts on “Bishop Obinim saves Otumfour’s chief executioner from jail”

  1. personally, I think Angel Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim is the Messiah of our time, and if the whole nation will pay attention to his prophecies and spiritual directions, our dear nation GHANA will be far a better country to live live in.
    Considering the various Deliverances and interventions, i must confess unequivocally that, Bishop is the best and Angel of our Tim

    God bless and increase him to continue doing the wonderful work for Ghana.


    T. T

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