Bishop Obinim again gives huge money in a polythene bag to an orphan during prophecy hour.

This is third time in seven days………….


An orphan who could barely afford three square meals daily and has no home to live with her grand mother was favored by the founder and general overseer of international God’s Way church as he handed huge amount of money in a polythene bag to her for free during prophecy time in church.

This makes it third time in seven days that the popular man of God, Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim has exhibited his usual act of generosity. Last week in Accra a poor widow and a young lady were also given huge amount of money during prophecy hour.

The latest incident which happened at the kenyasi Bosore branch of his Church, shocked the congregation as the church was about to close when the man of God said the ghost of a man and a woman have come to him to look for their child and help her.

Bishop Obinim said he had already revealed himself to the lady in her dream and even choose a dress for her to put on but could not identify her during church service.

As he was about to close the church service according to Bishop Obinim, the ghost of Josephine Owusu’s  parents came to him again that he should locate their daughter and help her.

Bishop Obinim at this stage described the dress of the lady and asked that she comes forward. When she came, he ordered her to go for huge about of money at the pulpit.
He also asked his Kumasi resident pastor to take care of the lady.

Josephine Owusu kneeling before Bishop Obinim with the money in front of her

We will also  bring you the story of  woman who said Bishop Obinim flew with her on his wings in a dream to Jesus.

Man declares, “Bishop Obinim is second Jesus”

Written by Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya.


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