Dead man reveals to wife his life time savings in commercial bank through Bishop Obinim during Church service


man who has died for weeks revealed his secret account in commercial bank of Ghana to the wife through Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim during a church service at the kenyasi Bosore branch of International God’s Way Church in kumasi, Ghana

On Sunday 19th June 2016 during prophecy time, Bishop Obinim requested a woman in funeral cloth who is mourning the husband to come forward because the dead husband was communicating with him.

Two women who were mourning their dead husbands got up but the dead man whose voice could only be heard by Bishop Obinim directed him to the wife among the two .

Bishop Obinim disclosed to the wife that her dead husband want him to tell her that he has some huge amount of money saved at the commercial bank which the wife is not aware of and will lose the money because he is dead.

The widow confirming what Bishop said to Pastor Wisdom and Leo

The woman was surprised at the revelations by Bishop Obinim. The woman also confirmed to Bishop Obinim, the husband appeared to her in a dream and told her he has some money but she don’t know where the money is and also thought the dream was just a normal dream.

Bishop Obinim promised he will help the woman spiritually to access the money because the dead husband believes he can help his wife that is why he spoke to him.

Written by Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya.


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