Remind the Lord of his prophecies about you-Bishop Obinim.


The General Overseer and Founder of International God’s Way Church has tasked Christians to remind God about his promise in their lives. Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim told his congregation at Kenyasi Bosore during 12th June 2016 Sunday Church service, to always pray and remind the lord of his prophecies.

“In Daniel 9, God gave a message to Jeremiah that he will punish Jerusalem for the sins they have committed. Daniel came to suffer the punishment placed on the nation. I tell you, if the lord says Ghana will go through turbulence and strangulation, we will all be included and I Obinim will go through this so far as i live in the country”.

Jerusalem  has offended the Lord and God said he will punish them. For 70 years and beyond the country was suffering. It started from the time of Jeremiah to Ezekiel then to Daniel who was also suffering. Daniel picked the books of Jeremiah and discovered that the nation has sin against God and God was punishing them. Daniel discovered it and prayed to God to spare them of the punishment because the years given for the punishment had elapsed. Daniel sought for forgiveness and reminded the Lord. Bishop Obinim revealed.

Why did God give me this message to be delivered to you? When Daniel was speaking to God through prayers the lord said to Daniel you are wise person to have reminded me of the punishment”

I want to tell you that if the lord promise or prophesied concerning your life, do remind him, Pray to God to remember his prophecy. Bishop Obinim told his congregation.

“Excuse me to say our wisdom as Christians in serving the Lord is too low. God said to Daniel he is a wise man. Many Christians are pursuing prophecies, always requesting for prophecies into their life, but have forgotten the prophecy God has given to them long ago.

You have been prophesied to in the past about wealth, child bearing, and success which have not come to pass but you are still requesting for more prophecies. Why don’t you act like Daniel and cry and petition the lord about his promises and prophecies in your life?

“During the time of Abraham, God promised him but told him the promise will be fulfilled in the time of his fourth generation after they have gone into slavery in Egypt for 400 years. The lord said to Abraham your descendants will go through slavery then I will deliver them and give them the land which I have promised you”

The time the lord gave the prophecy to Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael and others were not born but the lord has spoken about the future that the fourth generation will go through slavery in Egypt Bishop said

“Moses came and reminded the people of Israel to remember the lord prophecy about the fourth generation which has passed, so why don’t you remind the lord of the prophecy. Why don’t you remind the lord so he will come to your rescue?

I tell you today that,  remind the Lord of his prophecy in your life, keep on reminding the lord of the good he has promised you

“After the Israelites were out of captivity, the Lord delivered on his promise that he will give them the promise land which were of good things”

Why don’t you come to self-realization of what the lord promised you? Haven’t you heard of the curses in your house, the bad omen, what are you doing about it? The lord said he will bless your children, what are you doing about it? So can’t you remember what the lord promised you, all the good dreams why don’t you remind the lord. Have you forgotten what the lord has said? Have you forgotten the good dreams? You had a dream that you be rich, you had a dream that you have travelled abroad, you had a dreamthat you are married and had children, so why don’t you remind the lord? What again are you looking for? Great prophecies have been revealed to you in a dream, why don’t you remind the lord to deliver. Daniel prayed to God so why don’t you also remind the lord as Daniel did, Bishop Obinim queried

“Most of you received your prophecies before you came to my church but are not fulfilled. For me, I also remind the lord of his promise in my life and I pray to ensure I remind the lord for all to come to pass. The beginning of this year, I told you the year is an award year for Christians. What have you done about it for it to come to pass?

“God promised me I will be a great person, I will heal the sick and do great miracles, he said I will be wealthy, he said anyone who speaks evil of me he will punished, and all these have come to pass and those that have not am praying for it to be fulfilled. Why should you forget about the lord prophecy about your life? Do not forget the good news in your life”

In the case of Jerusalem and Israel, the lord forgot the covenant he hard with the them. Is a parable, the lord don’t forget things but since is about you and you have forgotten then the lord will also forget it. Bishop Obinim disclosed.






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