Bishop Obinim heals a woman of blindness, removes bullets from the leg of a Pastor


A young woman received her Miracle at the Kenyasi Bosore branch of International God’s Way Church when God through Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim restored the sight of Freda Agyemang who has gone blind.

Freda who lives at Breman UGC in kumasi, Ashanti Region of Ghana, was a living wonder after doctors at Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Ghana’s second biggest Hospital could not fathom why the young woman was still alive because with her condition she should have been dead.

Freda Agyeman age between 30 to 40 years went totally blind three months ago

According to seven doctors who reviewed her, all her nerves in the head connected to the eyes have been torn. Doctors say her condition was like she has been hit in the heard with a heavy object even though according to Freda nothing  of that sought has happened to her.
She told the congregation that the doctors say only a surgery could determine if she will regain her sight.

like the Biblical story of blind Bartimaeus, this lady was located by Bishop Obinim during prophecy our when her mother cried to Bishop to heal her daughter.

The Angel of God requested for a bottle of water which he poured on the head of the lady and a prayed to God to restore the sight of the woman.

Instantly miraculously the sight of the young woman was restored which attracted huge and wild jubilation by the congregation and the family of the young woman who accompanied her.

At this stage the church with thousands congregation was thrown  into dancing and jubilation.
Physical examination conducted in church proved she has indeed regain her sight.

Freda Agyeman told Gospelreview after  church service.

“I believe in Bishop Obinim and his father Jesus Christ, I was very optimistic that I will be healed today. What I used to do everyday since I lost my sight was weeping and praying for a Miracle, and today God has used Bishop Obinim to heal me. I can see clearly now”

she said, whiles identifying things around her to prove that she was indeed healed completely by God through Bishop Obinim.

Gospelreview. Will bring you extensive coverage of the healing of Freda Agyeman. We will publish documents from the hospital to show she was indeed blind and a documentary of doctors report and confirmation. We will bring you more from Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital.

Watch video on ICE TV/OB TV

Also in church on the 12 June 2016;
PPP’s parliamentary candidate for Bosome freho testifies to the Angelic powers of Bishop Obinim.

Bishop obinim removes bullets from the leg of a Pastor in a dream which appeared physical.

And also

Zimbabwean man of God, Shepherd Bushiri  wonders why Ghanaians are not appreciating the Angel God has given to Ghana in the person of Bishop Obinim.

written by Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya


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