Bishop Obinim helps a man with new passport and another with 10,000 cedis


This is what the devil and its disciples cannot comprehend.

God is still doing great Miracles for his Children who believe in him, One of such Miracles was witnessed at the IGWC branch at Kenyasi Bosore through Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim who is reffered to as the Angel Of God.

The Angelic Powers of Bishop Obinim manifested as usual during church after a mother of a young man who lives in the United Kingdom met Bishop at counselling emergency prayer line and told Bishop his son who lives at abroad has mysteriously lost his travelling  passport for that matter he can no longer move outside or engage in any business transaction because it might cause his repatriation back to Ghana

Bishop Obinim gave a Direction to the mother of the said man.

According to the mother who is a queen mother at sepase around Winneba in the central region of Ghana, during the time of doing the direction of Bishop Obinim, her son called and told her that a fair in complexion young man he has never met before  knocked at his door and questioned him if he is the one who has lost his passport, which he answered in positive.

He narrated to the mother that, the young man left immediately he answered him.

According to the the queen mother of sepaase winneba few days she was watching a program on her television when someone knocked at the door and requested of her to abandone the TV program and come to listen to a matter of more importance.

When she went to the door, a young man handed to her Ghanaian travelling passport which has The details of his son who has lost his passport.

The queen mother presented the passport in church during the testimony time and thanked God and Angel Obinim for the great miracle.

Bishop Obinim, assured the woman that, the God who was able to acquire a new passport for the young man without asking for his details will paste in the new passport, a UK visa so that he will not encounter problems with Immigration officials.

Another wonderful testimony was given by a man who was going through serious financial challenges.

According to the man he was financially broke and could barely afford food for his family.

He said one day two of his children who are in Senior High school and a Vocational school, were asked to leave the school for non payment of fees.

He narrated, at this moment he had no where to go for help so he posted Bishop Obinim’s  sticker he had acquired at church on his forehead and also covered himself with a cloth and prayed close to an hour.

He said during the prayers he received a text message that 10,000 Ghana cedis has been accredited to his account.

According to the man who was filled with joy, he called the bank and it was confirmed that such amount has been accredited to his account.

He attributed that, the Angelic work of Bishop Obinim helped him to received the money of which the sender cannot be traced.

The 3rd June 2016 church service in kumasi witnessed numerous testimonies which includes people God has given the fruit of the womb, financial breakthrough, healing etc. Through Bishop Obinim.

I will bring you more on Prophesies in our subsequent stories. Bishop prophesied in the life of a footballer who was with Akosombo united and has been poached by Bechem FC. Bishop told him God will unveil him so can score more goals as a striker. According to Bishop, he has helped him and will continue to help him.

Excuse my brevity and errors.

By Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya.


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Using the media to spreading the work of God through his ministers

One thought on “Bishop Obinim helps a man with new passport and another with 10,000 cedis”

  1. I pray that God should continuing to pouring his power on the Angel.l thank you for the good job you are doing

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