Bishop Obinim reveals how the devil attack peoples finances.


The founder and General overseer of International God’s Way Church has revealed to the nation, how the devil  spiritually destroy peoples finances. Bishop Dr. Daniel  Obinim who is refered to as the Angel of God, made this revelation during a sermon at the Kenyasi Bosore branch of his church.

“I have seen something in the spiritual realms and I want to share with you. I want to share a secret with Ghanaians and the world. If someone want to help you financially in the spirits or the person want to destroy your finances spiritually, the person uses coins of money to do that” Bishop Obinim revealed,

“If you help the work of God, If you give offering in church, If you sow a seed  in church, If you give a tithe or support church project all Is different, but If someone wants to attack your finances spiritually, they Stand on coins, or any evil person gets a note of money from you, he can also use It against you. But with the notes, Is only in 5% cases that a notes are used, 95% of financial attacks are through coins” Bishop Obinim added.

“Many of you usually find coins in your rooms, kitchen, Bathroom, sitting rooms and other places of your home but you don’t know how it got there. Sometimes when you are in town you can even see the coin on th ground. I want to tell you to be careful because this coins are not there for nothing, they are there for a purpose. Is either someone is using it to work money for someone or the person is using it to attack someone’s finances”

Bishop Obinim admonished his congregation to bring any coin they see in their home which does not belong to them to him so that he can interpretate the spiritual mission of th coin.

“You may not understand it but if you have spiritual knowledge you will. The Bible has been preached to us for long, now we have to venture into the spiritual realms and tell you something that is a secret. I have revealed myself to people in a dream to bring coins to me so that I can Stand on it to work on their finances. Why Is that when it come to financial attack on someone or if someone want to help your finances, coins are used? Is a spiritual issue and I will no explain here but one Is, because coins work faster than notes. Many times you find a coin in your home, they use coins because the wind can not blow it away, the coins act as cameras to reveal information to the evil ones while they are in your house.  The coins that are in your house and you don’t know how they got there, are there for a purpose. If you see some in your room, bring it to me for spiritual investigation”

Bishop Obinim told the congregation not to pick coins that do no belong to them when they see it outside their homes.
“If you see the coin in your home, pick it up and bring it to me for spiritual interpretation but If you see it outside, Don’t touch it”

“Out of Iove am telling you this secret. Anything I see spiritually, I reveal it to you. Any spiritual person who want to attack your finances stand on coins to do that”
Is a spiritual Message to you, the nation and the world, you can choose to take it or not. Bishop advised.

The Angel of ended his sermon with advice on envy, how they come about, the effects and how to prevent it.

We will bring you more on this sermon and some wonderful testimonies and prophesies.

In our next story we will tell you how a UK based Ghanaian was given a new passport mysteriously after he misplaced his own. We will also tell you how a man who was also going through serious financial challenges and could not pay his childrens school fees mysteriously received 10,000 Ghana cedis in his bank account Through Bishop Obinim.

Written by Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya


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