Respect the word of God-Bishop Obinim tells Christians


Christians have been admonished to remain strong and trust in the word of God in the midst of opposition whose main aim is to pollute Christians about the word of God. The Founder and General Overseer of International God’s Way church, Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim gave the advise during church service at kenyasi branch of his Church

“My father is Jesus Christ of nazareth, he has made me his son even if i die his work will continue, i came to meet the word of God, respect his word that he gives to you through me and any other man of God. David said in Psalm 119;105 that, the word of God is lamb on his feet and a light to guide his path. I did not understand why Jesus gave me this message to be delivered to you. I tell you, respect the word of God and what he tells me to tell you. Bishop Obinim said.

“Take the work of God very serious, there are people who don’t respect the word of God, he wants me to tell you to take any message i deliver to you seriously. Don’t let people pollute your mind about me and other men of God”

“If hatred will develop between us then is how you take the word of God. David said the word of God is very important to him. I have observed that there are people i have encountered and did not take it serious, Now they are suffering the repercussions. God has a way of blessing people and a different way of doing it. Some people have been given directions but they inform and involve others. take my message serious and do not joke with what i tell you personally, through my sermons or any form of communication, take it serious and it will help you, do not allow humans beings to convinced you” Bishop Obinim told his congregation

“This message is important to Jesus that is why he wants me to tell you. Reminisce and work with any message i have given to you before, take it, work with it and it will help you. There are People who don’t listen to my preaching, but only know the Miracle i perform that is why they don’t understand my ministry. there are things that have happened that i have told you before, some hidden in the scriptures and i have revealed to you”

“Those who pray gets to know deep secret through prayers, those who concentrate and meditate gets the secret of the world. take my message serious, whether physical or spiritual, i tell you things but i have discovered that because of your problems you don’t concentrate on my message”

The Church service ended with a number of testimonies and prophecies by the Angel of God.

We will bring you more on the Miracles and prophecies including testimonies in our subsequent stories

By Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya/


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