God’s plan for Your life will manifest if you Live righteously-Bishop Obinim


By Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya

The Founder and General Overseer of International God’s Way Church has advised Christians to live a life worthy in the eyes of God. Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim who is referred to as the “Angel of God “ due to his ability to perform Angelic Miracles told his congregation during church service at Kenyasi Bosore to live righteously for the plans of God about their lives to manifest.

“A good prophecy about your life will not come to pass if you don’t live a live worthy in the eyes of God. Many come to me to say they are still waiting for their prophecy on their life come to pass but they don’t live righteously, how will it manifest in your life. Live a good life because if you don’t, it means you have something of Satan and the devil will not let you succeed.
Bishop Obinim also admonished Christians to be careful because people sit in the counsel of evil to plan against other people.

He quoted Jeremiah 18:18 to support his message. “Come, let’s make plans against Jeremiah; for the teaching of the law by the priest will not cease, nor will counsel from the wise, nor the word from the prophets. So come, let’s attack him with our tongues and pay no attention to anything he says.”
He however cautioned Christians to be mindful “Some people are planning to use your own words against you, so be careful because if they get you, they will destroy you”

The Bishop by divine direction revealed to the church what has been on his heart which he wants his congregation to take serious. According to the Angel of God, there are people who compare themselves to people who are living in sin but are progressing.

“People compare themselves and say this person is not righteous but is living well, please do not compare yourself to someone because if this people you talk about were to live right, they would have been better than they are” bishop said

“I have ever been tempted by this thinking when i started my ministry, I knew men of God who were not righteous but were making it, so I nearly wanted to follow them but when I followed the rules of God, now am far better than them in the ministry of God. So please whoever is progressing but not righteous, you will one day overtake them in life”

The Sunday Church service saw numerous of testimonies and prophecies to transform the life of many. The most overwhelming testimony was a young man who has lost his job and could not even afford food but met the Angel of God at emergency counseling, after doing the direction of the Angel of God his life has transformed, making him a millionaire.
We will soon publish the testimony of this man in full and other great testimonies


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