IF you want me to fail, take my Angelic powers from me- Bishop Obinim tells Saboteurs


The leader and founder of International God’s Way church says if Ghanaians want him to fail they should take the angelic power given to him by God from him. The Man of God who is always referred to as the Angel of God said most of his critics, including men of God want him to fail without any justification.

Preaching at the Kumasi Branch of his church Bishop Daniel Obinim told his congregation not to be disturbed when people speak badly about him.

“If someone tells you bad things about me, tell the person that is not a problem but if God take the angelic powers from that is where you should be worried. If that happens I and my family and congregation will cry inconsolable”

He assured his congregation he is not ready to commit a sin for God to also take his hands from him.
Explaining his Angelic powers, Bishop Obinim said he, as human is not the Angel but God has put into him Angelic powers through which he uses him to help the Children of God.
“People always misconstrue my speech and today I have to make it clear to you that God has attached an Angel to me that work for people. Sometimes the Angelic part of me can be somewhere and I will also be at a different place. He said

“Let me warn Ghanaians who are found of insulting men of God that if you insult the Angel in me, the Angel will deal with you, bad things will happen to you but you will not know is as a result of the insults you rain on me”

Speaking about the closure of his popular OB TV by the National Communication Authority (NCA), The Angel of God said he suspects some underhand dealings by his saboteurs who are jealous because of the large congregation he leads.

“KNET and NCA have written to us that soon the TV will be restored, we are waiting for them but if they fail to do it, there are many ways I can get back on screen. I can decide to transmit from Nigeria, South Africa or through SES from Germany but since they assured me, I will wait for them”


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