Diamond Appiah’s message to whom it may concern.


Dear OBTV Viewers in Ghana and around the World ,Keep Calm for we will be back on air soon. You can still watch the live streaming on OBTV App available for download on Playstore on all Smart phones.

Let’s not forget to pray for the JOBLESS mad dog who has finally lost it due to depression and frustration from her Joblessness.

While her mates are on air educating, informing n entertaining listeners, the mental case is on her verandah this mourning with  her joblessness and her fatherless children. Didnt I tell u guys that her Bishop Obinim’s mentions are her only source of relevance.

Did she say she was a comedian? Lmaooooooooo on which platform? Your mates were busy entertaining the audience at the Lord of the ribs a few days ago n earning an income, those are the ppl qualified to be branded as comedians not a mad woman like u disgracing that profession.

Do u think that “Cantata” Delay featured u in that brought u to the limelight qualified u as a comedian?

A hungry dog n retired Vienna City Ashawo like u who has to fool before she can feed herself n her family in this day n age is a disgrace to womanhood. Go n pay ur numerous debtors in accra n kumasi lmaoooo.

Glory be to God that none of Bishop Obinim’s Children have to display comic relief for apketeshi consumers to laugh before they are able to buy bread.

We are Blessed beyond ur imagination bcos our God is king n we are no-t BEGGERS like u. yr just a comic relief for apketeshi consumers in dis country.dey are the ppl ur unfunny jokes appeal to so keep fooling! Your End is Near.


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Using the media to spreading the work of God through his ministers

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