Bishop Obinim removes coin from the stomach of a 2yr old boy and declares he has not done all God want him to do


The founder and leader of International God’s Way Church on Easter Sunday revealed to the nation, the miracle he is performing is a little of what God want to use him for. The man of God, Bishop Daniel Obinim who is also called the Angel of God due to his great miracles and the ability to appear in dreams and also help people spiritually who are not even in Ghana said, God called him for a greater purpose and since he has not help all the children of God it means he has a lot to do and the world will see greater things God will do with him.

“When I say I have not even started the work of God people misunderstood me, I say that because what God want me to do I have not even started. My ministry is for greater purpose, is here to help the children of God and till I help you overcome all your spiritually and physical needs, I have not done anything”
Bishop told his congregation, the Lord will use him to help his children and more good things from God will come to pass in their lives.

The Angel of God also encourage the children of God to believe and have faith that till God is done with his children, till God has given all the goodies in this world to them, they will not die till all of them manifest in their life.

“There was a man called Simon who God promised he will not die till he sees Jesus Christ, God want me to tell you, you will not die till the will of God come to pass in your life. Your enemies have planned evil against you but such will not happen because our God lives. Do the will of God commit yourself to his ways and all you desire will come to pass in Jesus name. God has said a lot about your life and the devil has no domination over you”

Bishop Obinim, admonished his congregation to pray anytime they have bad dreams so that the dream will not come to pass in their lives.

“God will not plan evil against his children. Any evil dream from the devil will not come to pass in Jesus name. People have told you they had bad dreams about you, I cancel all of them in Jesus name. God told Simon, you will not die till you see the messiah, I speak into your life that you will not die till the will of God come to pass in your life”
Bishop Obinim quoted Luke 2:25-25 to support his Easter Sunday sermon at the Kumasi branch of his church.

His congregation were overwhelmed when Bishop was approach by a woman that her two year old son has swallowed a coin, they showed a hospital scan with the name of the kid to prove that the kid has really swallowed a coin and it showed in the scan paper. According to the mother of the kid, doctors required a surgery on the boy but since they have faith in God and Bishop Obinim, they brought the child to him because Bishop with the help of God removed a nail from the stomach of a kid sometime back. The Angel of God instantly performed a great Miracle and told the Mother go and take another scan and he is very sure that God has used him to remove the coin from the stomach of the boy without performing surgery. These among many other miracles were performed by Bishop Daniel Obinim.
Stay tune, I will bring you a full write-up after the scan is done.

By Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya


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Using the media to spreading the work of God through his ministers

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