Bishop Obinim cautions against lies and false prophecy.


The founder of International God,s Way Church has caution men of God against false prophecy and lies. 

Bishop Daniel Obinim who was delivering a sermon at Accra branch of his church said all those who mention God’s name in vain will attract the wrath God to themselves.

“Some pastors come out to condemn other men of God that they are not from God but is not true, since I started my ministry,  i have never pointed out a man of God that this man of God or the other is not from God. I tell my junior pastors not to also do so, I have never discussed that a pastor is not from God with  my junior pastors”
According to Bishop Obinim many people are suffering because they mention the name of God in vain

” there are  people who will even swear with  the name God when they are accused, meanwhile whatever they are accused of is true”
He said these kind of people will attract the wrath of God.

” people are not progressing because of lies,  I have a clear conscience that is why everything of mine  progresses and I sleep in peace”

He said many People have a lying tongue, any word that come from their month are lies, such people should be careful!” He cautioned.

Bishop Obinim admonished his congregation to avoid lies and the use of God’s name in vain so they can progress and not attract the wrath of God.

Story by, Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya


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