U.S Assists Ghanaian Poultry Farmers

The Deputy Agriculture Secretary of the United States of America (U.S.A), Mrs. Krysta Harden has assured of the U.S’ readiness to support poultry production in Ghana to improve quality feed.
Mrs. Harden who believes that Ghana should have a robust poultry industry, assured that they will provide farmers with tools that will increase their production.

‘Ghana should have a robust industry; we are going to solve issues relating to production and the entire value chain. We are going to make sure that the producers have some tools they need to work with,’ she promised.
The U.S Deputy Agriculture Secretary indicated that her outfit will ensure that farmers’ produce do not rot in the farms but get to the markets.

‘We want to help them by giving them technical assistance and we will try to get their produce to the market and ensure that consumers get what they want and need,’ she assured.

Mrs. Harden who paid a working visit to Akate Farm project peanut and butter in Kumasi to get first hand information about the Agric sector, observed that lots of people in Ghana consume poultry products.
‘U.S is interested in all types of agriculture, poultry is a very important factor, lots of people in your country like poultry, so we will help improve the sector,’ she said.

She hinted that ‘Food for Progress’ agreements was signed few days ago in Accra to support agricultural development and trade within Ghana’s poultry sector.

The agreements she noted target producer groups and co-operators to improve quality feed and veterinary services.
‘It’s a joint partnership which is really driven by the kind of assistance your farmers want and need,’ she said.
‘I talked to two women farmers and they have 1,000 birds of which some are layers and broilers but they lack tools, but no need to worry that is why we are here, we are going to change their lives by solving their problems,’ she stated.

The ‘Food for Progress’ agreements are the latest examples of the partnership between the people of Ghana and the United States.

The two- face agreements which are valued at 36.6 million and 21 million will operate over five years.
The project is to support poultry farmers and feed mills to produce quality feeds for the poultry sector.


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