87 Assemblymen danger as NPP youth invoke deity

The NDCs quest to obtain one million votes in the Ashanti region and the NPPs vision to sweep 90% of the votes is polarizing the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly. The KMA has 147 members, 91 of them elected, 44 appointed and 10 ex-officio members, who are Members of Parliament (MPs).

On the 6th of October, The KMA failed to elect a Presiding Member (PM) after two rounds of voting ended in a stalemate. None of the five contestants – Nana Kofi Senya and Baffour Agyei Kesse, both former PMs, Nana Yaw Wiredu, Mr. Hamidu Gariba and Mr. Michael Adusei Bonsu, was able to secure the two-thirds majority votes required by the law.

Baffour Kesse polled 56 votes with Nana Senya, receiving 46, while Mr. Bonsu Nana Wiredu and Gariba had 27, four and two votes respectively during the first round of voting.
The three candidates with the least votes withdrew their nomination to make the second round a straight battle between the two former PMs.

Nana Senya this time round won the backing of 68 members as against the 65 who gave their votes to Baffour Kesse.
With no winner, the Electoral Commission (EC) decided to postpone the election.

The contest is now between Nana senya believed to be with the NPP and Baffour Kesse with the NDC. Kumasi Mayor Kojo Bonsu is alleged to have said he cannot help his party to achieve the one million votes if Baffour Kesse is not voted for. The Ashanti Regional Chairman of the NPP Bernard Antwi Bosiako is also alleged to have appealed to the Assembly members to vote for Nana Senya for the NPP to obtain more votes.

In what appears to be the worse to happen, some NPP members who claim 87 member of the Assembly are NPP members and that they campaigned on the ticket of the NPP, yesterday at the party’s regional office invoked curses on the Assembly members, who they alleged have taken bribe to vote for Nana Baffour in the next election.

The NPP whose premise was used to invoke the curses say it is not aware. The regional secretary of the party could not condemn the act when he was asked

The NDC has denied bribing the Assembly members; the deputy regional secretary of the party, Kwame Zu has described the act as pedestrian politics

Now tension is brewing, Traditional authorities are being called in to revoke the curses, but factions in this issue unabated push their agenda. The NPP members believe they can put the mayor on his toes if their member is not the presiding member. No one is ready to allow cool heads to prevail. Those in the realm of power are using it to their interest. Assembly regulations are ignored, there are no clear signs that common agreement is in sight


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