How much did Rattray Park Cost us? Kumasi wants to know

rattray park
The newly constructed Rattray Park is a nice recreational park and the brains behind it must be applauded. In doing so, the brain behind it should also tell us the amount used in the construction of this beautiful recreational park.

A bird in the Assembly whispered into my ears that is only the power that be, that is aware of the amount used in the construction of the park.
Even in the realm of the powers that be, the most powerful in the kingdom remains in the dark when it comes to the amount that was used in the construction. The park offers a good environment for business discussions, children playgrounds, and since its construction has served as a catalyst for nurturing relationship between lovers in the region.
The pleasure this park presents has however clouded earlier demands by residents of the region to actually know the
amount involve.

I happened to be in a discussion with a powerful chief from the most powerful chieftaincy abode in the region and to my outmost dismay; the powerful person in the region is not even privy to the cost of Rattray Park. In my quest to get answers to this much asked question my ears came to a rumor that only the powerful person in Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly and the most powerful man in the country hold information about the cost.

The region has endured and disregarded much show of power by people who are appointed to serve the people. A happening in recent times portrays real abuse of power and show of this power on people who give the power.
Those in dominion of power in this region are excising power in a very arrogant way that leaves much to be desired of.
They are untouchable and lords over the people they were appointed to serve. This attitude is becoming a model to the scope that nobody can ask them questions to get answers that the masses thirst for.
These powers have been exhibited to extent that the institution that has been mandated by the constitution to ask these questions have the powers taken from them with egotism and impunity.

Now Kumasi want to know why the cost of the construction of Rattray park has not been made known to the tax payers whose money was used in the execution of the project?
This makes me hanker for the passage of the right to information bill.

One thing that still remains a mystery is, why tax payers whose money were use to constructed the park have to pay 10 cedis to enter the park even though they are not told how much of their taxes were used in the construction.
One day the power givers will shift the power to a different holder through the thumb. Whiles we wait for this day, we can take the life of a gentleman who has now been a protracted visitor of police cells as an allusion.

The gentle man was once the holder of that same power to the extent that at his command the security will act without thinking. I hope the holders of these same powers today will look at the life of this gentleman and change their way of leadership.
hen the siren no longer blow for you to have it through the thick traffic, when your phone no longer rings and friends no longer bast in the adulation of your political powers, that is the day reality will don on you

It’s a curse for your conduct or actions to be the caveat to repeal or amend a law. A time will come when all distinct will cease and death, the grand leveler of human greatness will reduce us to the same state.
Article By

Joseph Osei O Brenya
A Journalist


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