Why do you have to embarrass women in this manner, Minister??


By Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya.

“Sending an immature person on an important errand is Child labor” I have been speaking in this parables for quite a long time and most people misunderstood me, but is really true as it is said in an old Akan adage that “Aserewa bo tam Kasie a Otuwie” which can be translated in English as “when a small Child wears garments meant for adults it weighs him down” By this i want to connote that, Governance is not for shallow minds, in fact is not for preschoolers.

I got really scared stiff when i read about the secret recording of the Deputy Information Minister Vitoria Hammah’s telephone conversation that went viral on the internet and radio. I understand she has been booted out of that office. Well, i would have done same as President of Ghana has done by firing this young lady immediately.

It does not matter whether the recording was illegal or not because i understand her driver has been arrested and the offense is yet to be defined. What matters is that, this young lady has an intention which is dangerous, malicious and evil..

For the benefit of my readers who don’t know what this minister did to warrant the wrath of my blazoning pen, well.  Miss Hammah, in what is purported to be her voice…, actually she has indirectly admitted it by causing the arrest of her driver who was with her at a time she went verbal loopy. She made sombre and pejorative revelations regarding the President Mahama’s administration in a conversation with a female friend. On a tape, Miss Hammah is heard telling her friend she will not quit politics until she makes at least US$ 1million. She also alleged on the tape, that The Children and Social Protection Minister, Nana Oye Lithur met with the Supreme Court Judges ahead of the verdict on the 2012 election petition which saw John Mahama winning the case which was filed by the opposition party against the conduct of the 2012 Elections. She was also heard; insulting her colleague minister to the extent of saying the said minister is very revolting and should rather remain hushed and amass wealth before she is sacked as a minister.

These statements have demeaned and reduce Ghana’s governance system to nothing. Is hard to say but i must say that, i have lost the little respect i have for governance in this part of the world.


The truth be told, she has been very refractory as a Minister of State since her questionable appointment as a Minister. i have always had my reservations about Victoria Hammah driven from the fact that she exhibited an attitude of dis-respect, pride and arrogance by walking out of the studio during a live TV show dub “constituency profile” on Joy News on Multi TV. That night, i felt for the host of the program Nii Smart Abbey and felt so terrible and embarrassed because she virtually rained insults on him and walked out as if she was on the street.

Recently, she could not hold her cool when she realized a speech she intended reading had been tampered with. As much as i condemn who so ever perpetuated that act, i vehemently believe Ms. Victoria Hammah could have maturely handled the matter without necessarily embarrassing herself and her subordinates.  Her attitude is o
ne that amiss the quirks of the serenity of the environment.  No wonder she lost in the parliamentary elections in 2012 elections to represent the people of Ablekuma West Constituency.


Just today, she has become a news maker obviously for the wrong reason.

My worry here is, why has she decided to embarrass women in this manner? Over the years, there has been calls for women to be given equal attention in matters of leadership and hence politics. What about the issue of affirmative action? Is this how most women in high positions behave?

Ms. Victoria, you had a great opportunity to serve as a pride and a role model for young women especially to your follows and admirers. Why would you just blow this off to the wind? What image have you created for many women like you who are in similar positions? These questions bother my mind but i conclude with the popular saying that “If you live in a glass house, you don’t throw stones”.

“I tell you friends, If a well-constituted individual refrains from blazoning aught amiss or calamitous in his family, a nation in the like circumstance may without reproach be equally discreet”.

This development has demeaned and reduces Ghana’s governance system to nothing. Is hard to say but i must say that, i have lost the little respect i have for governance in this part of the world.

 Indeed Miss Hammer’s unruly behavior, have shot up when she became a minister, that paragons description and wild fame; one that excels the quirks of blazoning pens.

 Vic, you messed up big time!!

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